At Hackersray, our priority is to keep our customers safe and secure from malicious hackers. We are a group of white-hat hackers & security experts who help companies to harden their security. Each web or mobile application has vulnerabilities as there is no patch for human mistakes. Keep running an application without a penetration test is no more than keeping the entire company's data and customers records at risk. We work together to provide a hack-proof security to our clients that will keep them safe from malicious hackers. This prevents the clients from a data breach and save them from being hacked. We simulate a hacker's approach in order to identify each and every security hole present in the target application, a final documentation is provided with a complete methodology to reproduce each vulnerability along with the patches which will make the security hack-proof. Don't be late, secure yourself before you get hacked.


Our Workflow

Hackersray Team

A Security Reasearcher with over 4 years of experience in Web, Mobile, Network and API Security. Specialized in finding Server side Issues.

Ahsan Khan

Penetration Tester

A Security Reasearcher with over 4 years of experience in Web, Mobile & Network security. Specialised skills are Web App exploitations & bypassing authentications.

Shawar Khan

Penetration Tester

A Security Researcher with over 3 years of experience in Web and API security testing.

Anees Khan

Penetration Tester

A Security Enthusiast with over 3 years of experience. Acknowledged by 100+ companies including Google, Yahoo etc. The focused areas to test are Web and Android Application Security.

Yeasir Arafat

Penetration Tester


Why Security Matters

In an organisation, security is an aspect that might be ignored sometimes. As most companies think its an unnecessary part. Thats the reason, these companies get hacked and result in a data breach. Top companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo etc take security seriously but still there are severe vulnerabilities identified every year that could result in a data breach. Protecting the company's infrastructure and the application is important as this could result in the loss of client's trust and their confidential data if hacked. Protection of a company should be taken seriously as this could destroy a well-running company. Penetration testing should be performed on all areas before a malicious hacker could get advantage of it. Testing security of a company and hardening it protects the company from cyber-attacks and as well as data breaches. Protect yourself before you get hacked by the Malicious Hackers.



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